Was on pins and needles

Lost the years mountain potherb and wild vegetables also really long thick, so, which are, the wild vegetables also long fat, strong ah, as if despite the drought, the also does not affect the growth of it.
As long as you just turned around, you can dig a basketful.
Dig a crop, and soon a chi…
People all day long in the mountains to dig, dig, seems to be the year of the food they save.
Hungry, he picked up a pair of, wildly only roughly pick with scores of weeds, greedily into his mouth, CuiShengSheng chewing, flavor, as if eating is not a wild vegetables, but on good food.
Seem to forget that the potherb of bitter, also forget the bitterness of life……
/ > how many situation out of my generation, a into the river's lake years jiggled.
Think of the emperor figure and laughed, be a drunk.
Half is a person, is to I can go forward.
All the good authors readily righteousness and virtue, was a little ill rogue eggs.
Their "art" can only be that kind of stuff.
At the moment pf what is my?

It in change, thriving, round the cyclotron.
Urinate into the golden cup of god - this is art!
He is a photographer, and writing.
After he wrote to me, I will do.
Sometimes to do version has a feeling, will go out to take pictures with him.
Magazine is not high to the requirement of photos, photographers had a SONY
With his wife last night take two year old son to eat mutton hotpot, the son in the evening, vomiting or diarrhea, we couple took his son to the hospital!
I was very worried, upset.
Daughter-in-law has also been the cry!
I yelled at her: don't in that crying, tired!
Her back to me, not your child, of course, you don't love dearly!
40 kilometers across the diameter of the gobi desert, followed by the village, poplar trees on both sides, is outside of the field, cotton, corn and wheat toward mature, green leaves, as quiet poem.
Then still village, with the same as the original, some people in the field, some animals at the nearby grass land, some vehicle head on chi to fast, shout voice, together with the people and goods, a flash disappear.
About what you want in the future in what many fundus zai, probably you never fall next report I'll climb up, probably you still very hard but still don't agree.
Go ahead, but please connect, because other people see you full and secretly and overhead, but you always see himself.
Have ideal can be arrogant, even if small ideal will also bring you believe in.
Actually, many people of victory, it is despicable dream chaser, begin from the start to a small ideal, and then the ideal gradually gradually into the line of fire, to go to the results of the practice.
Ideal is the survival of the rain.
Part even though not ideal, never lived a poor apology day, so the final will be a a glutton, lost vitality, spirit in the paralysis of the thin, energy becomes a vacant, even the gentle wind, or to comfort spirit, the most gentle sunshine also feel cold.
Have ideal power filled with emotion and life.

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